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Disingenuous Mornings (Lilah > Lindsey, Faith, possibly Kate)

Location: Stockton Women's Correctional Facility
Time: Morning


Lilah sighed as she stepped up to the metal detector in the Maximum State Prison she had just entered into. She hated doing these types of things. Prison seemed to be eternally dirty. All of it seemed to be covered in dirt and grime even if the walls and bars had just been polished. Filthy. And women's prison? Even worse. You would think the opposite would be true. But here everything was far more worse. Maybe it was the hopelessness hanging in the air or maybe it was ragtime for all women here. Whatever the case may be Lilah despised the sour smell.

She took a shortened breath and stepped through after forking over her purse and the various jewerly she was wearing. As soon as she stepped in a metallic beep began to sound loudly. She frowned and was instantly pulled back by a gruff pair of hands. Men in badges. Always thought they owned the world.

"Earrings," The Correctional office snarled as his eyes ticked over her face.

Lilah glared a little and took them off, tossing them into the pan he was holding. He nodded once they clunked in and she tried walk through again. Success. She smirked to him but he merely scowled and handed her back over her things, keeping her ID she noted.

"A gaurd will excort you once the rest of your party shows up," The gruff officer said as he walked away.

Lilah settled and tried to occupy herself with looking at the clock in leiu of the various prison occupants and gaurds walking about. 8:54. This would be one long day...
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She always knew that prison food was bad news. It was smart to stay away as often as possible, but then again with those long sentences of twenty years or so, nutrition(if you could call that) was indeed needed. And she knew she would do some good to take her own advice and never even look at that food again. The one bite she had attempted, along with some stomach a cid, had later been vomited into the trash can. This left her with an unsettling bit of nausea floating around in her stomach.

Maybe it wasn't just the food though. No, she had been too jumpy, unsettled, all night and this morning. No, it wasn't the food. Not at all.

Sleep, which usually did make an appearance to Faith sometime during the night, had still yet to appear, and it was now 8:54 A.M. The most of the night she had spent tapping feet, drumming fingers, and showing a large capacity of unspent energy, all built up in her system, though she couldn't imagine how it had been gained, what with the lack of eating and less of sleep.

The only solution the Rogue Slayer could come up with for her newfound jumpiness, and energy was the Dexy.. Deoxy.. Dexiriobiculose? No, that wasn't the name. Hell, she probably couldn't pronounce the name if it was put right in front of her. But the new medicine, Deoxy-something, that could be it, couldn't it? Sure it could. And, damn, they loaded her on it, she vaguely remembered. More pills she had ever taken in one sitting in her whole life.

So, that was it, she decided.

The medicine, that was the thing, the thing making her body leap at every heightened sound her Slayer hearing would pick up, or convulse and twitch slightly as every motionless particle around her moved and seemed to jump along with her beating heart, that was it, the one that seemed to shoot blood through her veins, which now stood out as a shadowed, electric blue, and course chills down every crook and nanny of her spine. Exhilirated? More so than ever, she decided.

She took an extra breath than needed, sitting slouched in her bunk, although every fiber of her being thumped and convulsed as every second went by, and felt something inside of her shut down. It wasn't something bad though. No, this shut down of her control system felt great.

She no longer needed to tell herself what to do, the Dexedrine would.
The seconds seemed like hours as Lilah watched the clock. 8:56...57..58..59. Lilah turned away from the agonizing clock and took to pacing some. She didn't want to be here, but it was just a bitter consequence of her job. She would have to learn to adjust. Another glace towards the clock. 9:05. Stiffening Lilah approached a nearby gaurd, holding her briefcase to her side as if it were the only means of protection.

"I'm ready to see Ms. Lehan now," she said with a small nod, "Once my associate shows up you can show him to us and I can fill him in.."

The guard said nothing, only turned the teethpick over and over with his tongue as he watched her. Finally he nodded and waved for her to follow him. She was quick to obey, keeping her head straight on the back of his to avoid what filth could be lurking in the cells. Finally he escorted her into the visitor's room.

"Wait right there," He pointed at a seat in front of the visitation window, "We'll bring the inmate out shortly."
Faith grinned to herself, back pressed lightly to the wall with legs sprawled in front of her, sitting next to her bed. Her head hung slightly off to one side, and her deep, black hole voids for eyes moved stealthily from each corner of the cell. Two chocolate orbs paused as they reached the iron clad bars. So breakable. She wondered to herself why she hadn't tested them before.

Another grin.

Pushing herself to trembling knees, the Rogue moved towards the door, unaware of just how slow she was moving. Everything around her lagged, stayed stuck in her vision when it should have been moving. It didn't matter though. She liked it. It was almost like a trip.

She stood stationary at the bars and let one hand clapse cautiously around two parallel irons. She set her forehead in between the gap, and it reminded her of an old Western she had once watched.

Now that she thought of it, Faith couldn't particuarly remember where she had seen it, but, with her mind's dutifull memory, she guessed she had seen it one night, alone, sitting in the crusty old motel room she had briefly owned in ...

Sunnydale. That word again.

She simply twitched at the thought. It sent these feelings inside of her that were unreadable. She couldn't understand any of them but to her they seemed to be an anger, so pent up and bulit up inside, though where from she still did not know, much like her energy, and seemed to want to explode out of her without warning her as to when it would happen.

Her knuckles turned white, her grip tightened.

Oh, Sunnydale.

"Got a visitor." A surprising interruption to her thought mantra.

Faith glanced up quickly to find a guard, one she hadn't quite seen before, poke his head close to hers to tell her the information. She blinked, once, twice, then allowed herself to lead away.

She was getting a bit antsy.
Lilah sat down feigning vague apathy as she looked around the room. In all actuality she was interested. Not because she gave one lick of a damn about these people, but because they could very well have been clients of hers had she not gone down the demon route. A thought that made her skin crawl. She looked over at a particulary masculine looking woman with tatoos and entirely too much body ordor.

Lilah wrinkled her nose and turned away. Just as she did she saw the familar brunette be led into the room. Faith A solid smirk spread across her lips, remembering the last time the two had met in the alleyway. Of course this meeting wouldn't be as intense, but all the same Lilah would enjoy the thrill the danger brought.
A minute walk down the hallway, each guard latching onto her like Prom Dates, led the Rogue slayer to a seat that faced her and ... Lilah. She smiled, looking a bit dazed, though all too alert. She blinked rapidly, her hands tapping and drumming against anything she could touch, anything that would make noise.

Faith hesitated before lifting up the reciever.

"Yes, Miss Daisy?"
Lilah laughed softly, holding the reciever a good inch and a half away from her face as not to get the previous occupant's germs.

"Miss Daisy?" She said through her laugh, "I fail to see the resemblence." She settled back using one hand to put her briecase on the table. "I'm sure you aware this isn't a social call Faith."
The Rogue smiled a thin-lipped smirk. She felt danger and a new sort of feeling which reminded her of insane asylums and doctor's offices and the people that belonged there, begin to show just by the way she smiled.

"Yeah, noticed when you brought the black briefcase in. Black is always a business color."

Her eyes ticked almost nervously about the room. She glanced at each guard behind her, at each inmate beside her, and finally settled her eyes on Lilah.
Lilah nodded studying Faith in great detail, "Good to know you pay attention." She looked around at the door and felt a small tinge when Lindsey still hadn't shown. She wondered if he had went straight to the boss, but quickly dismissed the thought. He was probably stuck in traffic.

Lilah clicked open her briecase and smiled at Faith, a cold calculated grin. "I know we've had some past issues. Wolfhram and Hart and yourself, but I'm willing to make things all better." Her grinned widened, "I'm here to represent you.."
"In what?" She asked, quickly, her words almost interrupting Lilah's. "What'd I do now?" Her voice was urgent almost, as if her mouth just wanted to spit out the words as soon as she thought of them. Her fingers moved to her knees, a new place to tap on.

God how could this girl be so stupid. Lilah visibly finched at it. She also could tell the drugs were already starting to affect the slayer. Interesting. She thought the process would drag on longer then this.

"You're in jail," Lilah said talking to her like she was in third grade. "You want out? I can help you do that.."
She concentrated. No, she tried concentrating. It was strange, only catching words here and there.

"I don't." She answered quickly, shaking her head. "Don't want out." Faith had turned herself in to be redeemed, hadn't she? Right, she had, she thought. She didn't feel like she had gained redemption. No, not much at all.
"You don't want out?" Lilah asked incrediously. She hadn't really been expecting that. In fact she had hoped this meeting would turn towards her favor in a matter of minutes.

Well she had been in tougher situations. She was after all a lawyer and it was her job to use her vernacular to get her way. "Faith, do you remember who put you in here?" Lilah asked, voice coming out smooth as silk.

She unclasped her briefcase and flipped through her files, all arranged neatly by last name and case number. Finding 'Lehane' she took it out and open it up. When she found what she was looking for she stuck the black and white photograph of Buffy Summers against the window so Faith could get a clear look at it.

"Remember what she did to you?" she bated.
Something triggered in the back of the Slayer's mind. Like a gun suddenly being shot, or the unexpected popping of a balloon. Her chocolate yet glazed eyes scanned over the photograph for a long, silent moment. Her mouth closed, forming a tiny 'o' shape, and her chest suddenly huffed higher and higher with each painful breath she took.


She fought the urge with trembling hands to lunge at the window and destroy the face of that photograph forever.

This was starting to go the way Lilah wanted it. Good. And she did it all without Lindsey's help. Another plus. She smiled sweetly and leaned back a little, placing the photo back into her suitcase before withdrawing another paper. She handed it to the gaurd who in turn walked around the glass and handed it to Faith with a pen.

"What do you say Faith?" Lilah asked, her smile widening. "Would you like me to be your lawyer?"
Lindsey was let into the visitor room, and his eyes quickly found Lilah and Faith. He walked over, just as he heard Lilah ask Faith if she wanted Lilah as a lawyer. Taking a step closer he said directed at Lilah, "I'm sure you meant to say us." He knew that Faith couldn't hear him yet, since he didn't have one of visiting phones. Lindsey shot a nod and sincere smile of acknowledgement at her through the glass, and took a seat next to Lilah.
*Silence was the only response given by the Slayer. She still appeared slightly shaken, jumpy from the true face of her enemy. Her gut was hesitantly giving off the vibrations she used to receive after a good slay.

Faith took the papers as they were handed to her, and hesitantly, without glancing too rapidly at the words, signed her name.

Lilah looked over at Lindsey, the smallest twitching of a smile playing at the corner of her lips. She scooted her chair slightly so that he could get a clear view of Faith and the document she was signing.

"I'll have the affidavit amended later," Lilah said in an undertone towards Lindsey, "I know you're just itching to have your name on it."

She turned back towards Faith. "As you know Wolfhram and Hart specializes in offering the world to...." She paused for a second trying to figure out a good description of Faith. "The downtroden. With our help..." another smirk, "You'll be out of here in no time."
Lindsey smoothed his hair down and just nodded in response to Lilah's comment. Out of all the clients of Wolfram and Hart, Faith was the one that made him feel on edge when he was around her. He didn't show it out the outside however.

He decided to let Lilah do all the talking here, and just be a watcher in this part of the play that was unfolding.
"We done?" The Rogue asked with a bit of impatience laced in her voice. She leaned back in the chair, eyes darting towards Lilah's briefcase every few moments, as if desperately searching for another peek at the picture of Buffy.
"Quite," Lilah said closing up her briefcase once the gaurd handed her back the signed documents. "Remember Faith...." Lilah said looking back over to the gaurd as he was getting back into position before back to the rogue. "Any thing you might do...." she gave the smallest head nod towards the open window, something she was sure only Faith could see, "We can get you out of it. I know how much you must be wanting to..." another look towards the gaurds and then towards the window, "Get out of here."

With one last smile she got up, gathered her things, and waved towards the gaurd that she was done with the visit.


February 16 2006, 01:34:46 UTC 11 years ago

*With Lilah's mention and glance towards the window, Faith felt another pang of adrenaline throw itself through her bloodstream. Her own chocolate eyes gleamed towards the window and thoughts flew through her mind. She swallowed once, nodded briefly to Lilah, then started to stand, her eyes locking thirstily on the window.
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At the headnod and Faith beginning to stand Lilah turned towards Lindsey, giving him a devil's grin with a glint in her eyes before she began to walk away, briefcase firmly in hand.
Lindsey grinned as well, thinking to himself, "letting a woman so dangerously beautiful loose on the streets of LA, I love my job." He cast one last look at Faith before following Lilah out. Under his breath he commented, "This should be intersting."
Faith figured idily that the last sounds Lilah and Lindsey would hear as they exited the visiting rooms would be the crunching and breaking of glass in a fit of freedom and the dull roar of two gunshots towards the now escaped Slayer. Before the lawyers could reach the ground floor of the institution, Faith was rolling off the side of the car that broken her jump out the window, and sprinting away and away as fast as her legs would take her.
Lilah ticked her eyes only slightly towards her side, keeping her face straight and unmoving. She already knew this would happen. Already had it planned more tightly then any court room battle that she had ever been in. Which is why Faith's little escape plan didn't come as a real shock to her.

She kept her pace, ignoring gaurds and people scream and give fright. She continued down the hall back to where the check was. Casually turning her head to Lindsey once there.

"Well I think that went well...don't you?"