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Plotting, Planning, and Contemplating (Lilah > Anyone)

Location: Wolfhram and Hart
Time: Night


Lilah Morgan smirked all onto herself as she walked down the hallway of Wolfhram and Hart, her heels clicking with each step. She would love nothing more then to have a hot steaming bubble bath while sipping a nice glass of wine. But her tense muscles could wait for right now. Right now she had business to do. Her buisness was the one thing that kept her going. She craved the bad that her company brought her. She knew now that's what had drawn her to Wolfhram and Hart in the first place, why she accepted everything this place stood for. Bad. It was the thing she wanted, what she likes about this place. She was a lawyer after all and it was a known fact that when becoming one some part of your soul becomes detached.

She smirked at that thought. She was almost as soulless as some of the monsters they catered too. Interesting notion. She finally made it to her office and walked inside and plopped down infront of her desk. Not bothering to completely shut her door that was opened just a crack. She was in too much of a rush to worry about eavesdroppers who managed to pass by. Besides, the call would not take long and then she could go home.

She quickly dialed the number to one of Wolfhram's and Harts associates in the medical field and began rapping her fingers on the desk when she was put on hold. After five minutes of listening to the not so calming sounds of the prerecorded ocean someone finally picked up.

"Hello?" a male's voice asked.

"Lilah Morgan," She said wanting to make this quick and precise. "We spoke earlier. I was wondering about the progess you've made."

" was hard," The man said, Lilah could almost see the smile on the other end as he schemed. "Faith is in maxium secruity prison you know...making the switch wasn't no easy task. We almost got..."

"I don't care about almost," Lilah said holding a hand despite the fact that he couldn't see it. "Did you do it or not?"

"Yes, yes I did it. We rediagnosed Ms. Lehane and I've managed to get the okay to switch out her medication. Starting today she's gone off Risperdal and on to Dexedrine."

"Layman's term doctor.." Lilah said with a roll of her eyes.

"In a few days..." The doctor said in all seriousness, "You'll have one pyschotic slayer on your hands.."

"Good," Lilah said grinning all onto herself. "How much do I owe you?"

"30k. A little extra for how dangerous the job was."

"Fine, you'll have it in the morning," Lilah said hanging up the phone.

Good. Now maybe she can relax a little bit before her trip to prison in the morning. She just hoped her plan would go through without a hitch.
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