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Out of It (Faith>Anyone)

Location: Stockton Women's Correctional Facility
Time: Night


The halls were silent, except for the soft, droning sounds of clicking shoes against cement flooring. A lone guard passed by her cell. And then another. And then another. Maximum State Prison really did leave no rest for its wicked. Then again, maybe it was just her. Maybe only her mind was seeing, hearing the soft clicks and the darkened sillouhettes pass her by, but then again they could have really been there. She didn't know.

Time had taken on a new perspective for Faith. She had all the time in the world, and ignoring it had proved to be useless so far. Then again, time would be against her for all eternity, or however long she would be stuck in this joint.

She turned to her side, letting the plastic mattress beneath her groan against her weight.

Insomnia. Again.

It was the pills these quacks kept putting her on. She swore they were multiplying, changing shapes, sizes, and colors every time she took them. They were really messing her up, she guessed. But it wasn't like she could do anything.

She was useless here.

Now there was a feeling she wasn't used to. Helplessness, holding the inability of holding your own against the dirks that decided pills helpled murderers. She wasn't sick, she knew.

If only they understood the whole "Sunndale" thing, and indeed she had tried making it clear, then things would be much easier she knew. Sunnydale. That word provoked some kinda' feelings. It made her stomach twist and turn beneath her withering skin. She swore she could still smell that sweet Southern California air, flying through her lips and into her lungs.

That was the sweetest taste she had ever tongued.
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