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Memories (Darla > Anyone)

Location: Hyperion Hotel
Time: Night.


Darla was laying on a bed in a room in the Hyperion Hotel. She put a hand over her swollen stomach and groaned. The thing inside of her seemed to grow by the second now. A month or 6 ago, she noticed she’d started to gain weight, which was a rare thing because she hadn’t eaten more than usual. Less, actually, she’d felt nauseous and even threw up a few times. Darla didn’t really worry about it, vampires didn’t get sick, so she blamed it on the blood of the old butcher she’d drank the night before. Another 2 months had passed before the bump on her stomach clearly started showing. When she was outside, she received loving touches around her stomach from people she had never seen. It sickened her, but every day it became more obvious; there was something growing inside of her.
Since that they she had visited every possible wizard or sjaman she had heard about, and they all told her the same thing: this was impossible.
Well, it seemed possible though, because this was very much happening!

Since Darla had reached the Hyperion Hotel, and Angel decided to take care of her, vague previous symptoms got worse. She felt the constant craving hunger more every minute, specially because of the lack of pure human blood. She was dying for a child, or a virgin, something in that direction. But that was probably not going to happen here.. The hunger never seemed to still, no matter how much pig's blood she drank, she always wanted more.
It almost felt like it made her insane sometimes, but that wasn't the only thing.
Hormons, those were really bad.
Before this entire.. thing, Darla 'never' cried. Tears were considered as a weakness. Yet now she cried at least twice a day! All the fault of that thing inside of her.. whatever it was.

The worst of all, however, were the memories. The memories that kept haunting her, evne in her sleep. Every day she remembered more.. The things she and Angelus did. The kills.
The screams re-sounded in her head, and however she used to like screams of fear.. screams of despare.., this ones weren't fun. She felt.. guilt. That scared her immensely, she wasn't supposed to feel that! Any of that! She didn't have a 'soul'. Thank God she didn't. The soul was only a torture, nothing more.
But then what was it, that she felt? Trying to calm herself down, Darla blamed it on the hormons. They were just playing with her, after Angel and those people got rid of the thing, she could go back to her real self.
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