Xander Harris (ihavetwoeyes) wrote in simplybuffy_rpg,
Xander Harris

The Stuff of Dreams (Xander > Anyone)

Location: Xander's Apartment
Time: Night


A snore broke the silence as Xander Harris lay dreaming. It had been a long, hard day and he was still partially dressed in a pair of half buttoned jeans and socks. He'd even forgotten to secure the front door to his apartment, leaving it open in silent invitation to anyone who wasn't a vampire, because he'd been so out of it. And yet possible burglary and long hours of physical labor weren't the concerns that haunted him now.

In his dream, it was day. A fact which made the scene no less bizarre. In fact, it just made it more so. Standing on the roof of a very tall building, Xander watched as down below a pack of wild dogs chased the tiny figure of a dark haired boy. The boy was fast and clever, dodging down narrow alleyways that would force the dogs to bottleneck for a moment in their frenzy, but the dogs were tireless and the boy was not. Already Xander could see him slowing.

Other people went about their day, eating their lunches on little cafe' tables or pausing at the window of a nearby store, but no one seemed to see them but him. No one paid any attention to the pleas for help or the chilling howls of the hounds. No one except Xander.

"I've got to help him," Xander said to the woman at his side.

"You don't understand what's going on here," Anyanka scoffed and then sighed. "You can't help. There's only one way this can end."

"I can't accept that, An'. There's got to be a way down from here, somehow," Xander said, looking around almost desperately for an exit now. A stairway, a ladder, an elevator, anything! But he saw nothing. Just four sides of a flat graveled rooftop and open air. Turning to Anya he grabbed her hand into his own, "Help me, help him. I know you could if you wanted to."

"Fine, I'll get you down from here," Anyanka said acidly. "Just stop looking at me like that!"

Xander let Anya's hand drop and turned back to see if he could find the boy again. Adrenaline began to race through his veins in preparation for the mission. They'd go get the boy, find his Mom for him, and maybe have one of those delicious looking hotdogs after. It'd be great!

He was falling before he even registered the feel of a hard shove directly between his shoulder-blades.

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