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Standing Guard (Gunn > Anyone)

Location: Outside Darla's Room, Hyperion Hotel
Time: Night.

Charles Gunn stifled a yawn. He'd been standing guard outide Darla's room for quite some time, but nothing had happened yet. In fact, he hadn't even heard anything in the room that would suggest Darla was even in there. 'Why do I always get stuck with the muscle jobs? Is that all Angel thinks of me? Just muscle to help take down the bad guys?'

His eyes were starting to droop. 'Damn. Hopefully someone comes by soon. I'd kinda like to get some sleep. Or coffee, at least.' Gunn lowered his crossbow and rubbed his eyes. 'I'm sure nothing will happen if I just shut my eyes for a moment. Not like I'm gonna fall asleep. Just resting my eyes.'

He leaned back against the wall, telling himself he wasn't going to sleep. Three minutes later, the crossbow fell from his hands, making a dull thud on the carpet, not loud enough for him to hear. Gunn had fallen asleep on the job.
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