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Conflicts (Tara > Anyone)

Location: Tara and Willow's room, Summers' Residence
Time: Night

Tara MacClay lit a candle, the scent immediately reaching her nose. She inhaled with a smile. Willow had gotten her this candle a few weeks ago, and she had just now gotten around to lighting it. The butterscotch aroma was her favorite.

Thinking about the candle and what it meant got Tara thinking about other things. Like the fact that Willow was using to much magick. Sure, the girls were both witches, but Willow was using magick for almost everything. Tara only relied on magick for spells and wards and such things.

Wanting to think of other things, Tara pulled the book she was reading out of her drawer. But it was no use. Her mind wasn't thinking about the book; it was thinking about how to stop Willow from using so much magick. 'I could bind her powers. But she's more powerful than me. She'd find a way around it.'

With a groan, Tara tossed the book back into the drawer. She turned off the table light and blew out the candle, and then climbed under the covers. 'I've got to stop thinking about it. I've got to sleep instead.' She shut her eyes, and sleep soon took over her tired body. Willow was now far from her mind.
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