Xander Harris (ihavetwoeyes) wrote in simplybuffy_rpg,
Xander Harris

Panacea (Xander>Summers Household)

Place: Summers House
Time: Morning

As it was his day off, Xander decided to head over to the Summers house. On the way he picked up a box of donuts, a round of coffee, and even a bag full of buttery croissants from the Espresso Pump.

"Hello, hello!" he called out with a somewhat forced cheerfulness as he entered the front door. Moving through the house he continued. "I come bearing gifts of sugary goodness... Anyone interested?"

Plucking a glazed out of the box as soon as he'd set down the rest of the stuff on the kitchen counter, Xander wolfed it down and was reaching for another before anyone came around. The sugar rush to his system helped ease the fatigue he felt after a long night of horrible and erotic dreams... sometimes, disturbingly, at the same time.
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