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Disingenuous Mornings (Lilah > Lindsey, Faith, possibly Kate)

Location: Stockton Women's Correctional Facility
Time: Morning


Lilah sighed as she stepped up to the metal detector in the Maximum State Prison she had just entered into. She hated doing these types of things. Prison seemed to be eternally dirty. All of it seemed to be covered in dirt and grime even if the walls and bars had just been polished. Filthy. And women's prison? Even worse. You would think the opposite would be true. But here everything was far more worse. Maybe it was the hopelessness hanging in the air or maybe it was ragtime for all women here. Whatever the case may be Lilah despised the sour smell.

She took a shortened breath and stepped through after forking over her purse and the various jewerly she was wearing. As soon as she stepped in a metallic beep began to sound loudly. She frowned and was instantly pulled back by a gruff pair of hands. Men in badges. Always thought they owned the world.

"Earrings," The Correctional office snarled as his eyes ticked over her face.

Lilah glared a little and took them off, tossing them into the pan he was holding. He nodded once they clunked in and she tried walk through again. Success. She smirked to him but he merely scowled and handed her back over her things, keeping her ID she noted.

"A gaurd will excort you once the rest of your party shows up," The gruff officer said as he walked away.

Lilah settled and tried to occupy herself with looking at the clock in leiu of the various prison occupants and gaurds walking about. 8:54. This would be one long day...
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