Buffy Summers (buffy_summers05) wrote in simplybuffy_rpg,
Buffy Summers

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The newly resurrected suck (Buffy > Anyone)

Location: The Magic Box
Time: Mid-Morning


Buffy still held the croissant sandwich in her hands as she headed into the Magic Box, hearing the familar sound of the bell. She knew she should have eaten it at not only Xander's suggestion, but because her metabolism was higher then most girl's her age. Which meant breakfast really was the most important meal of the day. But right now her metabolism didn't feel just slow, it felt like it was in a coma. Everything seemed so sluggish around her and her apathy probably couldn't get much higher then what it was right now.

And not caring made her worry. Right, fantastic way to confuse yourself Buffy she mentally scolded herself. She sighed deeply. Why did things always have to go so wrong? Especially now. Right. The Slayer. It was her gift and curse. Cringing at the thought she walked over and dumped her sandwich into a nearby trashcan, bidding Xander's culinary catastrophe goodbye. Once that was out of the way Buffy wiped her hands on her jeans and looked around for any other signs of life within the Magic Box.
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