faithlehane74 (faithlehane74) wrote in simplybuffy_rpg,

Running Again ( Faith < Anyone )

The Slayer in her screamed. It demanded that her legs go faster, her body move quicker, and that destruction happened to anything that stepped between her and her destination, which so far was the Hyperion Hotel. She knew if any harm were to come to the Fang Gang on her watch, or anyone's for that matter, good ol' Buffy would come running.

Her feet pounded, tore through alleyways, over fences, in the sky, hitting rooftops.

Didn't matter if they caught her. Lilah could take care of it. That was the most of what she remembered from their conversation. Lilah would take care of it. She liked that idea and it only willed her to run faster.

Her body had taken her to her destination though her mind hadn't quite gotten it yet. She stood with the soft, insane smirk on her lips, curling her hands into tight, white-tipped fists and licked her bottom lip.

Excited in the worst way possible.
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