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The Night is Watching (Buffy > Anyone)

Location: The cemetery, Sunnydale
Time: Night


Buffy Summers stared blankly around her as she entered the cemetery, stake already clenched so tight in her hands that the uneven grains were starting to scratch at her palms. It meant nothing to her though. All of this. She was the Slayer so this was her job. But that's where it ended, that's all it was. Just a job. She shouldn't be here. She should be there. Where ever there really was. Heaven? The name didn't really matter because the only thing that really mattered was that she was happy. Had been happy. She knew the emotion was something she could never have again.

She set her jaw back a little and cautiously entered the cemetery, eyes darting side to side as the moonlight cast glimmery rays across the headstones. She heard the faintest rustling of heel to leaves and let a slow smirk run across her lips. At least some things haven't changed since she had been gone.

"What's a little girl like you doing running around without her mommy?" A low voice snarled from behind her. "A girl could get lost you know....."

So he hadn't heard of her. Must be new. There was hardly anyone, vampire or demon, that didn't know who or what the slayer was. And that she, Buffy Anne Summers, was it. Not that newbie vamp hurt her ego by not knowing, it just the fact that this fight was already a done deal. She never took pleasure in killing these creatures. But, lately she could use any distraction she could get. Even if that meant a long drawn out fight with the undead.

"I'm working," Buffy said in answer to his question, whipping around and taking her slayer stance. She made sure to twist her stake in hand just right so the monster got a clear view of what he was holding.

"Slayer..." The vampire hissed, as if the light bulb in its ugly fanged head finally clicked on.

"The one and only," She quiped right before the vampire lunged at her.
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